Francesco Tommasi
(March 10th, 1984 – Lucca)

He’s an Italian photographer shifting between experimental projects and commissioned work in the fields of fashion, culture and sports.

He grew up in Tuscany, spending his teenage years skating in the streets and nourishing his imagery through skateboarding magazines, 90’s hip-hop and Bob Dylan.

After getting a Visual Communication BA from the University of Bologna in 2007, he published his first body of work, titled “The Wasted Years”: a photographic documentary on the underground community of Italian rollerbladers.

He got his first job at 23, serving as an assistant to Italian master Oliviero Toscani, working daily at his studio for 8 months.

In 2008 he moved to New York City where he kept on apprenticing under the guidance of Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, beside exploring the city and developing his own portfolio.

Since 2010 he’s been working steadily on a variety of scenarios, including serving as a staff photographer for Patrizia Pepe throughout 2012, and as an image-consultant for Peuterey Group from 2013 to 2017.

Ongoing collaborations include Michelin-starred Restaurant Giglio and leading horseriding fashion brand Cavalleria Toscana.

Starting from 2014, he’s embarked on a series of personal projects, which took him to Argentina, Chile and California training his eye and feeding his curiosity for the elsewhere.

His strongly subjective vision suggests his solid roots in analogue photography mixed with the urge to utopically transcend the medium, as reflected by recent experiments with photo-collages and digital interventions.

He loves to spend his free time at the beach.

Francesco Tommasi Studio
via Pelleria 21
55100 Lucca (IT)
+39 349 51 009 51